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Picture yourself in a wonderful and relaxing setting. Perhaps you are on a beautiful tropical island, on a sunny beach with a gentle breeze rustling through the palms, and the exotic smell of coconut giving rise to all kinds of pleasant thoughts.

Perhaps you are on a remote hilltop surrounded by forest on a beautiful summer’s evening, with the sunset creating a magical palette of soft pink and vanilla clouds. You are far from cities, roads and crowds - able to feel your natural human state, unashamed and free to allow your mind to wander.

Or maybe you are in a luxurious bedroom, with perfumed sheets and soft music, about to slip into a stimulating hot tub, with the gentle glow from an expensive bottle of champagne lulling your senses to a perfect state of relaxation.

Wherever you imagine yourself when you’re completely relaxed; it’s far away from hustle and bustle, the worries of your everyday life and the constraints of society and its demands on you. For a brief moment in time, you are free to enjoy life in a natural way - focused only on what you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

What could be more natural than starting to imagine the soft and skillful caress of a partner, soothing your muscles and gently working towards those body parts which crave sheer pleasure and release?

What is erotic massage?

There are various types of massage – those used in physiotherapy, sports medicine, and other therapeutic environments, and used to help bodily aches and pains and emotional stress. Erotic massage is usually performed in an environment where the focus is on sensuality or sexuality – usually both!

When two people use full-body and erotic massage as sensual foreplay as a prelude to sexual intercourse, or even as an experience on its own - some of the most heavenly and unforgettable experiences can be unleashed. Both the giver and the receiver of the massage experience profound relaxation, focused on each other’s bodies and nothing else – the long slow strokes on the body of the receiver, the delightful sensation of yielding flesh under the hands of the giver.

The history of erotic massage

Erotic and sensual massage has a long history in both Eastern and Western cultures. For example, Tantric massage originated from Eastern spiritual traditions and philosophy – some of which is depicted in the Kama Sutra. Erotic massage in the West was used for medical treatments for both men and women – strange, when actual sex was considered so taboo!

In Western culture, women have long been viewed as mere objects of men’s lust and control. While men were been taught that their sexuality was something completely natural and acceptable, women were taught that their sexuality should be limited and suppressed. Female sexuality was viewed as an aberration – something to be feared and avoided. Women were taught to be ignorant and ashamed of their own bodies.

Men sometimes visited prostitutes and took lovers for sexual release – something that, while not exactly accepted, was seen as forgivable - male lust was a powerful force of nature, and men required an outlet that they might not achieve in their family lives.

Women were often dissatisfied and sexually frustrated in their family lives – they were taught that “nice girls” put up with their husband’s sexual advances, and shouldn’t expect or seek any pleasure of their own. Some wealthy women took lovers for sexual satisfaction. This was mostly ignored, if the women were otherwise polite and decorous in public – but average, middle-class and working-class women were denied this outlet by society; at the risk of shunning, abandonment and poverty.

Married women who experienced dissatisfaction in their marriages usually considered themselves ill - instead of just frustrated - and visited doctors to treat symptoms of their ailments. This so-called illness was referred to under a blanket term of “female hysteria” back then. Women who sought help were sometimes prescribed a professional massage by a doctor or midwife to bring on something called a “hysterical paroxysm”, which was observed to have a calming and cheering effect. In other words – they were massaged to orgasm, and felt much better afterwards!

This sorry state of affairs continued well into the 20th century, with normal human sexuality of both genders suppressed and demonized. Increasingly though, there are fewer and fewer taboos left surrounding sexual activity. Sexual foreplay, techniques and gratification are explored, and both men and women have grown to seek out and expect them without fear or shame – and rightly so! We now know and accept that people of all kinds are sensual creatures; craving affection and physical intimacy to truly enjoy the wonders of life, love and relationships.

Why do you need erotic massage?

Erotic massage is becoming an ever-more widely practiced art. Gone are the dark days of prejudice, mystery and judgement. In modern societies, we live in an unashamed era of exploration and satisfaction!

Full-body erotic massage is a way of celebrating the natural bodies and responses of both men and women, and has become an art form. Achieving orgasm through massage might be the end goal, but sometimes, erotic massage in an end in itself – to tease a partner, to relax them, to create intimacy and expectation of pleasure to come.

Massage can be used as a way to help people become comfortable with their own bodies and the bodies of their partners. It can help people find their erogenous zones, and awaken forgotten physical sensations. It can stimulate the libido and help partners to achieve a greater level of harmony and connection – both physically and emotionally.

Our Mission

Here at Vanilla Skies, lovers will learn to appreciate the sensual joys of each other’s bodies, using all five senses to give and receive pleasure. I want to promote wellness through massage, and I aim to help people understand and practice the rare art of something totally natural and without shame or embarrassment. I will help you find the tools and methods that can take your experience to a whole different level – in a sensual and sexy, rather than pornographic, way.

 I believe that true happiness can be attained through knowing and loving your own desires, and those of your partner. Female and male massage is a fine art. Relax, explore the site; and let me help you to pamper, spoil and pleasure your partner – and show them how to pleasure you in the same way. You have nothing to lose except fear, and you will gain experiences and skills that will make you feel like you are in heaven!


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My aim is to help lovers everywhere to learn the skills and art of appreciating sensual touch - and to use sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch to give and receive pleasure.

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