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5 Great Benefits of Erotic and Sensual Massage

5 Great Benefits of Erotic and Sensual Massage

Erotic Massage is also known as Sensual Massage – or Tantric Massage for those who like to explore the Eastern origins of the art. It is an art form and also a type of physical therapy, and involves naked bodies working together to achieve or enhance sexual arousal.

It is also used as a sexual therapy to stimulate libido. Various techniques are used around the world in different cultures to improve sexual relationships and personal happiness.

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Most of us are familiar with traditional methods such as deep tissue massage, Thai massage, Hawaiian or lomi-lomi massage etc, that can help improve our physical and mental health. Erotic or sensual massage focuses more on the different erogenous zones of the body - to boost sexual arousal between lovers. It doesn’t necessarily lead to any further kind of sexual activity, but can be performed as a mood-enhancing and relaxing activity on its own, OR lead to foreplay and perhaps sexual acts.

It’s a fantastic way to reconnect to your natural self along with your lover, learn to shed inhibitions and embrace your naked body with love and appreciation. Areas such as breasts, pubis and genitalia are exposed and used for stimulation and enjoyment. It’s important to have the right tools and techniques at hand to make the most of the experience. Make sure you familiarize yourself of some of the fantastic products available to enhance your skills. Shunga Intimate Kisses edible massage oil is one of the sexiest on the market!

What a lot of people don’t realise is that there are many different health and lifestyle benefits to erotic massage, just as there are for sports and aromatherapy massages.

Let’s look together at some of the benefits.

1. Erotic massage can help you learn to let go of inhibitions

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If you and your partner look like these people, you might not have problems with nudity. But sometimes, shyness and self-consciousness creep in when we are not feeling confident in our own bodies – and our intimate lives can suffer as a result. Sensual massage can teach you to let go of inhibitions and appreciate that your body is a powerful and wonderful instrument of pleasure and enjoyment.

We were all born naked, and as young children we were happy and free – until society told us it was “wrong”. There is no shame in one’s naked form and function. We aren’t all young or beautiful models – most people in the world are average – that’s why the word “average” exists in the first place, as it means those who are in the middle between ugly and beautiful!

2. Sensual massage can improve your muscle and joint health

The benefits of a good, skilled sports massage for aching muscles and overworked joints are well-known. Pressure on the muscles, connecting tissue, ligaments, joints, tendons and lymphatic nodes all have many benefits for the body.

What isn’t so well-known is the health benefits of erotic massage. It stimulates circulation and relaxes muscles in much the same way as a normal massage – but it’s way more fun!

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We are all aware of our erogenous zones - but did you know that your back could play a big part in sensual pleasure? A sensual massage starting with the large muscles of the back is a fantastic way to set the atmosphere for pleasure to come.

3. Perineal and prostate massage can improve erections

Women have known for many years that perineal massage can help relieve pelvic pain, improve blood flow, and ease childbirth.

In more recent times, we have realized that a skilled massage of the genital area in men – especially the perineum - stimulates blood flow to the genitals which can help to strengthen erectile tissue and relieve prostate pain and dysfunction. Gently stroking this area for a period of time can actual cause your entire body to relax, your pulse to slow, and your blood pressure to decrease.

Another type of massage that is beneficial to the male sexual experience is prostate massage. This is somewhat controversial as many men equate it with going to the doctor for an internal examination – not the most pleasant of experiences! However, if done gently by a skilled partner or massage professional, this technique can assist with blood flow in the prostate, urinary issues and erectile dysfunction. For many men, it can also be a very pleasurable experience.

To get the most out of a prostate massage, it’s ideal if you have the right tools and techniques at your disposal. A gentle massage by a masseuse’s fingers is fantastic, but a lot of men don’t want to jump into this straight away! To explore your prostate and what feels good, you can try a prostate massager. They are safe and extremely effective, and help you get used to the sensation of prostate massage. When you’re ready to let a masseuse - or friend - help you, you can show them how you like it.

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When your sexual parts are working for you instead of against you, it makes you crave intimacy and sex more and more!

4. Massage can enhance relationships

Sensual massage has a number of benefits for relationship partners. If you’ve been married for years, are starting a new relationship, or are a single person engaging in short-term love affairs – erotic massage is a great way to relax and make yourself open to your partner’s feelings. It enhances your ability to experience pleasure – which strengthens the relationship you have with your partner.

Learn to be open and conscious of your own feelings and emotions, and those of your partner. This encourages deeper healing on many other levels.

There are tools that can help you and your partner really get to know and enjoy each other. Here is a great couple massage video that you can try with a lover or partner.

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5. Erotic massage can help prevent anxiety and stress

Research shows that massage increases the production of endorphins in your body while allowing your muscles to relax. Dopamine and serotonin are also released during erotic massage sessions. These are the body’s natural tranquilisers and feel-good hormones. Sensual massage are therefore great for more than just pleasure – but also a healthy lifestyle.

Ensure you have a long, happy and successful life – and learn how to give and receive great erotic massages.

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